Recycled Marker Storage Tutorial

1.   To create this tutorial I used these CHEAP containers I grabbed from the $1 spot at Target, I had NO MORE Crystal Light Containers, LOL!!
2.   I marked the bottles with a Sharpie where I wanted to cut them down to.
3.   Using my Craft/Rubber Scissors I sliced down to the line.
4.   Then I cut an additional triangle out to allow me to get my scissors in to cut around the top. (these steps are not necessary if using containers that already have open mouths.)
5.   I cut the top off...
6.   Here is what they look like all trimmed down.
7.   Take the first container, then using the Crop-A-Dile create 2 holes (using the smallest hole punch side), these holes should be directly aligned with each other.  I placed the Crop-A-Dile in as far as it would go for my first hole, then I moved the CAD slightly higher to
 create the double stacked holes.
 8.   Once I have the first container punched, I used it as a template, held it against the next container and marked the holes with a sharpie.
9.   Then took my CAD and punched out the areas marked with the sharpie.
10.  Using a small Zip-Tie I connected the two bottles together.
11.  This is how it looks once the tie is pull tight, then I trimmed off the long left over zip-tie end.
12.  Then I held the 3rd container where I wanted to place it against the connected containers, marked those areas where all the bottles touched with a sharpies, then punch the holes in your 3rd container where the lines were marked, then mark the holes on the connected containers so you know where you holes need to be placed.
13.  This is what it looks like once all the holes are punched.
14.  Take your Zip-Ties and connect the containers together and trim off the excess zip-tie.
15.  If you want multiple containers like in the picture of mine below, you will continue to repeat the above steps for each additional container that you add to your storage tower.

I hope that you found this tutorial helpful, and I would LOVE to see your pictures of your created marker storage, please feel free to share!!

Thank you for being a member of my MAILING LIST!!!